There is no more Nooder

Read our statement below for more information

In the past few months, we have had a massive growth in users and it's overwhelming for us we are having a hard time keeping up with all the new users with our current infrastructure. We are building a new infrastructure to provide our services in a stable and secure matter. In the meantime, we have have decided to put a stop to the Online Cloud Services Nooder offer.

We thank everyone who has put their trust in our services and we appreciate it a lot. The massive growth has shown the potential we have offering our current services. With the massive wave of new users we just can't keep up with our current infrastructure. We would rather offer a good healthy service then put our customers at risk of downtime and instability then make use of our current setup.

For everyone who has bought a subscription to our services, the past month will receive a full refund if it's currently active to your PayPal account if you have used Bitcoin as a payment gateway refunds are limited due to the network fees involved. Before all this, we ask our customers on a good time beforehand to change cloud reverse proxy providers in the meantime while we adopt a new solution we hope to see you back soon. This may come as a surprise but we feel like it's needed in these times. The pandemic has taken a hard hit on the services we offer too.

To end it all off we love all our customers we wouldn't be here today without you guys thanks for your trust. Nooder is providing services again soon at an undisclosed time but it will be announced appropriately.

With ❤ from the 🇮🇹 Nooder 👨‍💼